The Beginning of Something Else

On June 1, 2007 I found out my husband and partner of almost two decades had been unfaithful to me since before our marriage, and had been having intercourse with prostitutes for 3 1/2 years. This is what happened next.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who should I trust?

After quite a long upward cycle, I'd become complacent about spiritual practice, and had been lulled into the idea that I could begin to trust Husband. Out of habit, longing, wishful thinking, or something equally beguiling, I had put my trust in the wrong place.

I had lost sight of a realization I've had before: The most important thing for me to trust is Higher Power. The next most important thing for me to trust is myself.

Why do I think Higher Power and me are the best places for my trust?

I trust Higher Power because taking the perspective that I am loved and cared for no matter what and believing (pretending, acting-as-if) there is a higher purpose and a positive purpose for whatever circumstance I find myself in give me the will to look for the growth opportunity, and the strength of heart to take action.

I trust myself because I have been learning to do so. And the more I practice, the better I'll get. And I want to learn to place the greatest trust in myself, because I'm willing to assume the greatest responsibility for my happiness and well-being.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "With freedom comes responsibility."

I've found that with a willingness to take responsibility for my own experience of life comes freedom.

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I think you've hit on it. Trust the "higher power" first and in return you will learn to trust (and be more honest with) yourself.